Impact wrenches

FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers with 12 and 18 V. The FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers are ideally suited to securing and loosening metric screws. The high efficiency of the brushless FEIN PowerDrive motors provides torque of up to 290 Nm. Using the electronic torque adjustment, the torque can be adjusted in 6 stages to the tightening torque to match the screw size. 10% more torque in reverse running allows tightened screws to be released with ease even after mechanical loading or when subject to corrosion. Depending on the screw size, the torque can be adjusted to the desired tightening torque. Thanks to the innovative FEIN MultiVolt interface, the 18 V impact wrench/drivers can be operated with all FEIN Li-Ion batteries of different voltages. The adjustable torques deliver a noticeable improvement in impact wrench/driver control. The tightening torques for metric screws are specified in various DIN standards and using structural calculations. With the FEIN cordless impact wrench/drivers, the maximum torque can be preset in six levels. The values stated apply to the hard torque-rate joint and are accurate to a tolerance of +/- 10%. This improves control of the screwdriving application and protects smaller torque-rate joints from damage.