Whether you are looking for fully automatic solutions for volume production or tools with basic functions, FEIN is the specialist in application solutions for core drilling. We provide hand-guided core drilling systems, which are ideally suited to flexible use in tight spaces, compact magnetic core drills with minimal dimensions and universal solutions, which can also be used for twist drilling, tapping, reaming and countersinking. FEIN’s core drills have centrally arranged and intuitive controls. Their optimum power-to-weight ratio also allows them to be used out and about for work overhead. An extra large stroke range allows very long drill tools to be used even when twist drilling and tapping. Since inventing the first electromagnetic drill in 1909, we have been continually further developing magnetic core drills and core drill bits. Maximum quality, first-class materials and the very best workmanship ensure that our tools last a very long time. The FEIN high-power motor guarantees continually good work progress. The high magnetic holding force ensures secure positioning and therefore the best possible safety for the user. What’s more, the models of the KBC, KBU and KBA series also have a magnetic force display. The innovative design means that the drilling point can be clearly seen at all times. The perfect combination of core drill, core drill bits and accessories. Everything is perfectly matched for drilling in steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Our tools produce a perfect hole pattern – with virtually no burr formation and at an impressive speed.