Wet / dry dust extractor

The air is pure: create a working environment free from pollutants. When you think about dangers at work, dust may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But working in a dusty environment is very risky to your health. The FEIN Dustex extractors have connections for FEIN tools and lots of adapters for other devices, allowing you to keep the air and environment clean and free of dust. As an additional bonus, this all-rounder doesn't just extract dry dirt but can handle liquids too. The FEIN Dustex premium class combines everything you expect of a professional cleaning device. It satisfies all the criteria of a FEIN power tool: a powerful turbine, high capacity and extreme durability. Small, light and powerful: the extractors in the FEIN Dustex compact class provide the basis for effective dust extraction and a clean, unpolluted workplace. The reliable and versatile extractors are easy to operate, agile, very robust and have a long life.